Michael Pinsker

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A fundamental fact for the algebraic theory of constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) over a fixed template is that pp-interpretations between at most countable ω-categorical relational structures have two algebraic counterparts for their polymorphism clones: a semantic one via the standard algebraic operators H, S, P, and a syntactic one via clone(More)
For a fixed infinite structure $\Gamma$ with finite signature tau, we study the following computational problem: input are quantifier-free first-order tau-formulas phi_0,phi_1,...,phi_n that define relations R_0,R_1,\dots,R_n over Gamma. The question is whether the relation R_0 is primitive positive definable from R_1,...,R_n, i.e., definable by a(More)
We initiate the study of reducts of relational structures up to primitive positive interdefinability: After providing the tools for such a study, we apply these tools in order to obtain a classification of the reducts of the logic of equality. It turns out that there exists a continuum of such reducts. Equivalently, expressed in the language of universal(More)
One of the most fundamental mathematical contributions of Garrett Birkhoff is the HSP theorem, which implies that a finite algebra B satisfies all equations that hold in a finite algebra A of the same signature if and only if B is a homomorphic image of a subalgebra of a finite power of A. On the other hand, if A is infinite, then in general one needs to(More)
UNLABELLED We conducted a randomized trial to compare the incidence of vomiting and the quality of emergence from anesthesia associated with the use of remifentanil versus a nonopiate. It was expected that remifentanil would provide smoother emergence from anesthesia with a comparably low rate of vomiting. The study sample consisted of 115 pediatric(More)
One way of studying a relational structure is to investigate functions which are related to that structure and which leave certain aspects of the structure invariant. Examples are the automorphism group, the self-embedding monoid, the endomorphism monoid, or the polymorphism clone of a structure. Such functions can be particularly well understood when the(More)
We prove that an ω-categorical core structure primitively positively interprets all finite structures with parameters if and only if some stabilizer of its polymorphism clone has a homomorphism to the clone of projections, and that this happens if and only if its polymorphism clone does not contain operations α, β, s satisfying the identity(More)
Function clones are sets of functions on a fixed domain that are closed under composition and contain the projections. They carry a natural algebraic structure, provided by the laws of composition which hold in them, as well as a natural topological structure, provided by the topology of pointwise convergence, under which composition of functions becomes(More)