Michael Petter

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Since programming languages are Turing complete, it is impossible to decide for all programs whether a given non-trivial semantic property is valid or not. The way-out chosen by abstract interpretation is to provide approximate methods which may fail to certify a program property on some programs. Precision of the analysis can be measured by providing(More)
In this paper we provide an interprocedural algorithm for reconstructing the control flow of assembly code in presence of indirect jumps, call instructions and returns. In case that the underlying assembly code is the output of a compiler, indirect jumps primarily originate from high-level switch statements. For these, our methods succeed in resolving(More)
In this paper we present an alternative approach to interprocedurally inferring linear inequality relations. We propose an abstraction of the effects of procedures through convex sets of transition matrices. In the absence of conditional branching, this abstraction can be characterised precisely by means of the least solution of a constraint system. In(More)
In this paper we present an analysis of assembly code for safety-critical embedded environments. Since local and global variables are the core concepts affecting the control flow of such programs, we first concentrate on classifying memory accesses as candidates for local or global variables. This is achieved by an interprocedural analysis of affine(More)
In this article we provide an interprocedural analysis of linear two-variable equalities. The novel algorithm has a worst-case complexity of &Oscr;(<i>n</i> &#7777; <i>k</i><sup>4</sup>), where <i>k</i> is the number of variables and <i>n</i> is the program size. Thus, it saves a factor of <i>k</i><sup>4</sup> in comparison to a related algorithm based on(More)
We prove that all valid Herbrand equalities can be inter-procedurally inferred for programs where all assignments are taken into account whose right-hand sides depend on at most one variable. The analysis is based on procedure summaries representing the weakest preconditions for finitely many generic post-conditions with template variables. In order to(More)