Michael Petrov

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A total of 71 lactating and nonlactating buffalo-cows of the Murrah breed and F(1)-F(3) crossbreds of Murrah x Bulgarian buffalo were used for a year as donors of embryos after a preliminary treatment for superovulation induction with pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) or follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in combination with prostaglandin F-2 alpha(More)
The hemizona assay (HZA) was used as a functional test for zona pellucida binding capacity of fresh and frozen-thawed canine spermatozoa. We investigated 30 ejaculates from 3 dogs with sperm motility > 70% and sperm concentration > 5.10(8) cells per ejaculate with up to 20% abnormal and dead spermatozoa. Fifteen ejaculates were each divided into 2 portions:(More)
A total of thirty water buffalo cows aged 3 to 8 years were treated for superovulation over the July-October period. Nine of the animals were injected with FSH at the rate of 40 mg at 12-hour intervals in the course of 4 consecutive days, and the remaining 21 animals were injected with 3,000 IU gestyl in the middle of the luteal phase. Forty-eight hours(More)
The contraceptive potential of solubilized porcine zona pellucida (spZP) was studied in 2 groups of cats after active immunization using slightly different protocols. Cats from Group 1 (n = 3) were immunized with a total of 300 8g spZP divided in 4 s.c. multisite injections (each of 37.5 8g) given at 10 day intervals followed by a booster 150 days after the(More)
BACKGROUND The sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase (SERCA2a) is an important molecular regulator of contractile dysfunction in heart failure. Gene transfer of SERCA2a mediated by molecular cardiac surgery with recirculating delivery (MCARD) is a novel and clinically translatable strategy. METHODS Ischemic heart failure was induced by ligation of OM1 and(More)
The presence of ZP autoantibodies in serum and Ffl samples of 109 women attending the ART Center in Kiev was investigated using IIF and ELISA. Positive serum and Ffl samples examined by both methods were found in 20 (18.34%) and in 19 (17.43%) patients respectively; 31 (28.44%) serum samples and 33 (30.27 %) Ffl samples analyzed by IIF were positive; of the(More)
The ovarian response of 25 buffalo-cows was visually assessed, and their oviducts and uteri separately flushed 3 to 6 d post superovulatory estrus at slaughter. Ten buffalo-cows slaughtered on Days 5 and 6 were examined per rectum for corpora lutea (CL) and follicles > 8 mm prior to slaughter, and the estimate was compared later with the actual ovarian(More)
Forty-one Day 5.0 to Day 5.5 embryos and one unfertilized ovum were recovered nonsurgically from 24 superovulated, parous buffalo (Bubalus bubalis ) and transferred nonsurgically to 28 synchronized recipients by a team of Bulgarian and American scientists. Five pregnancies were established and four live buffalo calves were born at the end of normal(More)