Michael Peter Kennedy

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Chua's circuit is a simple electronic network which exhibits a variety of bifurcation phenomena and attractors. The circuit consists of two capacitors, an inductor, a linear resistor, and a nonlinear resistor. This paper describes the design methodology for a robust practical op amp implementation of Chua's circuit. In addition, we present experimental(More)
In a digital communications system, data is transmitted from one location to another by mapping bit sequences to symbols, and symbols to sample functions of analog waveforms. The analog waveform passes through a bandlimited (possibly time-varying) analog channel, where the signal is distorted and noise is added. In a conventional system the analog sample(More)
A MASH digital delta–sigma modulator (DDSM) is analyzed mathematically. It incorporates first-order error feedback modulators (EFM) which include prime modulus quantizers to guarantee a minimum sequence length . The purpose of this analysis is to calculate the exact sequence length of the aforementioned MASH DDSM. We show that the sequence length for an(More)
Two generic classes of chaotic oscillators comprising four different configurations are constructed. The proposed structures are based on the simplest possible abstract models of generic second-order RC sinusoidal oscillators that satisfy the basic condition for oscillation and the frequency of oscillation formulas. By linking these sinusoidal oscillator(More)
BACKGROUND Excessive first ray mobility has been implicated as the cause of many forefoot abnormalities. The association between hypermobility and forefoot pathology is controversial, and this is largely related to the difficulty in quantifying first ray motion. Manual examinations have been shown to be unreliable. Klaue etal. developed a device consisting(More)
An improved implementation of Chua's chaotic oscillator is proposed. The new realization combines attractive features of the current feedback op amp (CFOA) operating in both voltage and current modes to construct the active three-segment voltage-controlled nonlinear resistor. Several enhancements are achieved: The component count is reduced and the chaotic(More)
A method to solve the stationary state probability is presented for the first-order bang-bang phase-locked loop (BBPLL) with nonzero loop delay. This is based on a delayed Markov chain model and a state flow diagram for tracing the state history due to the loop delay. As a result, an eigenequation is obtained, and its closed form solutions are derived for(More)