Michael Peter Kövary

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In man, apolipoprotein A-IV is characterized by a genetically determined polymorphism controlled by two codominant alleles. Two isoforms of this apolipoprotein, designated A-IV-1 and A-IV-2, can be identified by isoelectric focusing. Among 1000 healthy factory workers participating in an epidemiological study, A-IV-1 (genotype 1-1) was observed in 85%;(More)
The reactivity of histocompatibility antigens with serum antibodies and complement was studied in a short term model of allotransplantation. Lewis and DA rat kidneys were perfused with cytotoxic antisera and tissue sections analyzed for adsorption of fluorescent antibodies against gamma-globulin and complement (beta(1C) protein). Both, the presumed(More)
A technique has been developed allowing the detection of C lq activity in an agarose gel containing EA and an RClq. This latter reagent consists of fresh human serum, which has been depleted of Clq by means of a specific rabbit anti-Clq ant ibody in the presence of EDTA. In a Petri-dish containing such a gel, lysis of EA can be shown around wells filled(More)
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