Michael Pepper

R Jeff Schneble1
Desmond H Y Tse1
Marko Salmi1
Rabab A. A. Mohammed1
1R Jeff Schneble
1Desmond H Y Tse
1Marko Salmi
1Rabab A. A. Mohammed
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BACKGROUND Mechanisms regulating breast cancer lymph node metastasis are unclear. Staining of CLEVER-1 (common lymphatic endothelial and vascular endothelial receptor-1) in human breast tumors was used, along with in vitro techniques, to assess involvement in the metastatic process. METHODS 148 sections of primary invasive breast cancers, with 10 yr(More)
  • Robert P G McNeil, R Jeff Schneble, Masaya Kataoka, Christopher J B Ford, Takeshi Kasama, Rafal E Dunin-Borkowski +9 others
  • 2010
Control of the local magnetic fields desirable for spintronics and quantum information technology is not well developed. Existing methods produce either moderately small local fields or one field orientation. We present designs of patterned magnetic elements that produce remanent fields of 50 mT (potentially 200 mT) confined to chosen, submicrometer regions(More)
This study develops the framework for an abusive-billing detection system that can potentially be used for examining claims of Medicare home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, hospital outpatient facilities and hospice facilities. This system, which utilizes Medicare claims and other data, is comprised of two components: (1) a single-linkage(More)
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