Michael Pepe

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This paper describes a software toolkit for programming heterogeneous multicore processors, such as the IBM Cell Broadband Engine (BE)™ processor, that contain explicit non-cached memory hierarchies. Emerging heterogeneous multicores contain specialized processing elements that do not possess traditional cache hardware. Instead, multiple levels of the(More)
Cell Broadband Engine ™ (CBE) processor-based systems have been available in various prototype forms for at least a year. This has given early adopter users the ability to implement their algorithms and assess the performance and programmability of the technology. In this paper we present application-specific benchmarks for intensive algorithms targeting(More)
In this paper we apply a Bayesian non-parametric model to segmenting time series of observed wireless node transmission activity in order to learn routing patterns in an unknown ad-hoc network, as well as its topology. This emulates cognition of a spectrum sensing radio network capable of geolocating transmitting nodes of another network and detecting(More)
Gram-negative bacterial endotoxin is a potent immunostimulant implicated in the development and/or progression of a variety of diseases. The mammalian immune system has both innate and adaptive immune responses to neutralize endotoxin. In this study, a system was developed to monitor bacterial exposure by measuring the extent and nature of endotoxin(More)
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