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BACKGROUND Different research techniques indicate alterations in muscle tissue and in neuromuscular control of aching muscles in patients with chronic localized pain. Ultrasound can be used for analysis of muscle tissue dynamics in clinical practice. AIM This study introduces a new muscle tissue sensitive ultrasound technique in order to provide a new(More)
BACKGROUND A widespread and fundamental assumption in the health sciences is that muscle functions are related to a wide variety of conditions, for example pain, ischemic and neurological disorder, exercise and injury. It is therefore highly desirable to study musculoskeletal contributions in clinical applications such as the treatment of muscle injuries,(More)
Persons with neck pain exhibit altered patterns of muscle patterning, but limited investigations have been carried out on these alterations or muscle patterning in healthy volunteers. This study investigated the tissue motion of the dorsal neck muscles at the C4 segmental level in 15 healthy subjects during manually resisted head extension. Doppler-based(More)
OBJECTIVE The main aims of this study were: (i) to determine, for chronic whiplash-associated disorders, whether widespread pain has more severe consequences for other symptoms and different aspects of perceived health than does local/regional pain; (ii) to investigate whether pain, depression, and symptoms not directly related to pain are intercorrelated(More)
Previous studies have shown that postural orientations of the neck, such as flexed or forward head postures, are associated with heightened activity of the dorsal neck muscles. While these studies describe the impact of variations in neck posture alone, there is scant literature regarding the effect of neck posture on muscle activity when combined with(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to describe and compare the longitudinal mechanical activity, deformation, and deformation rate of the different layers of dorsal and ventral neck muscles in healthy volunteers during head lifts against gravity. METHODS The cross-sectional study included 19 healthy volunteers (mean age, 28 years; SD, 7 years). Ultrasound with(More)
BACKGROUND Muscle functions are generally assumed to affect a wide variety of conditions and activities, including pain, ischemic and neurological disorders, exercise and injury. It is therefore very desirable to obtain more information on musculoskeletal contributions to and activity during clinical processes such as the treatment of muscle injuries,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the capacity of the ultrasound-based method of speckle tracking analysis to detect changes in multilayered dorsal neck muscle activity induced by performing a lifting task. SUBJECTS Twenty-one healthy individuals. DESIGN Participants performed a loaded lifting task in 3 different postural orientations of the neck (neutral, flexed(More)
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