Michael Penn

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Our Objectives • Use " CMMI + Six Sigma " implementations and research as a springboard for considering the broader topic of multi-model process improvement • Enrich our views of what SEPGs (and their equivalents) do and how they do it, to enable efficient and effective multi-model process improvement Ask the Audience • What are your questions? Your current(More)
Paleographers study ancient and historical handwriting in order to learn more about documents of significant interest and their creators. Computational tools and methods can aid this task in numerous ways, particularly for languages and scripts that are not widely known today. One project currently underway seeks to gather a collection of securely dated(More)
We introduce what we call the principal subalgebra of a lattice vertex (super) algebra associated to an arbitrary Z-basis of the lattice. In the first part (to appear), the second author considered the case of positive bases and found a description of the principal subalgebra in terms of generators and relations. Here, in the most general case, we obtain a(More)
Following the publication of such works as Auguste Comte's Cour de Philosophie Positive (1830-1842), in which he argued the inherent immaturity of metaphysical discourse, metaphysics, for Western intellectuals--and especially for Western intellectuals committed to science--has largely been abandoned. In recent years, however, we have seen renewed interest(More)
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