Michael Penick

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Wildfires are a concern for communities throughout the world. They cause millions of dollars in damage and lead to loss of lives. The development of computational models to predict wildfire behavior is necessary to minimize wildfire damages and casualties. Visualizing the data generated from these computational models has many applications including(More)
Wildfires are a frequent summertime concern for land managers and communities neighboring wildlands throughout the world. Computational simulations have been developed to help analyze and predict wildfire behavior, but the primary visualization of these simulations has been limited to 2-dimensional graphics images. We are currently working with wildfire(More)
V-FIRE is a 3D fire simulation and visualization software tool that allows users to harness and observe fire evolution and fire-related processes in a controlled virtual environment. This paper presents details of the tool's requirements specification, software architecture, medium and low-level design, and prototype user interface. As the tool is currently(More)
i Dedication To Danielle, you made this possible. Your inspiration has given me the strength to do great things. ii Abstract Wildfire spread model output is used to make important and oftentimes expensive decisions. This thesis presents " VFire-Virtual Fire in Realistic Environment " an application and more importantly a framework for visualizing wildfire(More)
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