Michael Peil

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We show that isochronous synchronization between two delay-coupled oscillators can be achieved by relaying the dynamics via a third mediating element, which surprisingly lags behind the synchronized outer elements. The zero-lag synchronization thus obtained is robust over a considerable parameter range. We substantiate our claims with experimental and(More)
We study the spectral and dynamical behavior of two identical, mutually delay-coupled semiconductor lasers. We concentrate on the short coupling-time regime where the number of basic states of the system, the compound laser modes (CLMs), is small so that their individual behavior can be studied both experimentally and theoretically. As such it constitutes a(More)
—Synchronization phenomena of two chaotically emitting semiconductor lasers subject to delayed optical feedback are investigated. The lasers are unidirectionally coupled via their optical fields. Our experimental and numerical studies demonstrate that the relative optical feedback phase is of decisive importance: a characteristic synchronization scenario(More)
We present experimental and numerical studies of the dynamics of two delay-coupled device-identical semiconductor lasers. We concentrate on the regime of short delay times where the coupling delay is comparable to the period of the relaxation oscillation frequency. We find characteristic scenarios in the intensity dynamics depending on the spectral detuning(More)
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