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The early developmental period in Drosophila is characterized by rapid mitotic divisions, when the body pattern becomes organized by a cascade of segmentation gene activity. During this process localized expression of the gap gene knirps (kni) is required to establish abdomen segmentation. The knirps-related gene (knrl) encodes a kni-homologous nuclear(More)
Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) derive unique secrets from internal manufacturing variations in integrated circuits. This work shows that key generation with PUFs is a practical application of the generic information theoretic problem of secret key agreement with a compound source. We present an improved secure sketch construction with our new optimal(More)
BACKGROUND Variovorax paradoxus is an aerobic soil bacterium frequently associated with important biodegradative processes in nature. Our group has cultivated a mucoid strain of Variovorax paradoxus for study as a model of bacterial development and response to environmental conditions. Colonies of this organism vary widely in appearance depending on agar(More)
BACKGROUND Variovorax paradoxus is an aerobic soil bacterium associated with important biodegradative processes in nature. We use V. paradoxus EPS to study multicellular behaviors on surfaces. METHODOLOGY We recovered flanking sequence from 123 clones in a Tn5 mutant library, with insertions in 29 different genes, selected based on observed surface(More)
Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) provide cryptographic keys for embedded systems without secure non-volatile key storage. Several error correction schemes for key generation with PUFs were introduced , analyzed and implemented over the last years. This work abstracts from the typical algorithmic level and provides an algebraic view to reveal fundamental(More)
Silizium basierte Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) werten Fertigungsschwankungen in elektronischen Schaltungen aus, um sicher und zuverlässig kryptographische Schlüssel in eingebetteten Systemen bereitzustellen. Die aus den Schwankungen abgeleiteten binären PUF-Antworten sind jedoch typischerweise verrauscht, enthalten also Fehler. Da der Schlüssel(More)
Eingebettete Systeme spielen eine immer wichtigere Rolle in allen Lebensbereichen. Diese oftmals stark ressourcenbeschränkten Systeme sollen über eine lange Lebensdauer hinweg ein hohes, zertifizierbares Sicherheitsniveau gewährleisten, wobei sowohl Echtzeitanforderungen als auch Anforderungen an die Betriebssicherheit berücksichtigt werden müssen. Im(More)