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PURPOSE To evaluate the feasibility of using the rapid principles of echo shifting with a train of observations (PRESTO) sequence for measurements of cerebral hemodynamic parameters based on first pass of a contrast agent. MATERIALS AND METHODS Simulations were performed to investigate potential resolution loss due to relaxation effects. Experimental(More)
Absolute blood flow and blood volume measurements using perfusion weighted MRI require an accurately measured arterial input function (AIF). Because of limited spatial resolution of MR images, AIF voxels cannot be placed completely within a feeding artery. We present a two-compartment model of an AIF voxel including the relaxation properties of blood and(More)
Cerebral water accumulation was studied during induction of brain edema in dystrophin-null transgenic mice (mdx-betageo) and control mice. Immunofluorescence and immunoelectron microscopic analyses of dystrophin-null brains revealed a dramatic reduction of AQP4 (aquaporin-4) in astroglial end-feet surrounding capillaries (blood-brain barrier) and at the(More)
Ataxia telangiectasia-mutated (ATM) and ataxia telangiectasia-related (ATR) kinases are conserved regulators of cellular responses to double strand breaks (DSBs). During meiosis, however, the functions of these kinases in DSB repair and the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) damage checkpoint are unclear. In this paper, we show that ATM and ATR have unique roles(More)
ATM is a large, multifunctional protein kinase that regulates responses required for surviving DNA damage: including DNA repair, apoptosis, and cell cycle checkpoints. Here, we show that Drosophila ATM function is essential for normal adult development. Extensive, inappropriate apoptosis occurs in proliferating atm mutant tissues, and in clonally derived(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the current literature to see if the published results of MRI-glomerular filtration rate (GFR) stand up to the claim that MRI-GFR may be used in clinical practice. Claims in the current literature that Gadolinium (Gd) DTPA dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) MRI clearance provides a reliable estimate of glomerular filtration are an(More)
MRI measurements of water diffusion and blood perfusion are increasingly used for the evaluation of organ functionality and tissue viability (e.g., in tumors). While diffusion-weighted imaging is performed without contrast agents, measurement of blood perfusion is normally performed based on the administration of paramagnetic substances such as gadolinium(More)
Anti-inflammatory treatment affects ischemic damage and neurogenesis in rodent models of cerebral ischemia. We investigated the potential benefit of COX-2 inhibition with parecoxib in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRs) subjected to transient middle cerebral artery occlusion (tMCAo). Sixty-four male SHRs were randomized to 90 min of intraluminal tMCAo or(More)
Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is the most useful quantitative index of renal function and is used clinically as the gold standard of renal dysfunction. Follow-up of patients with impaired renal function requires reliable measurements of GFR. Thus, serial GFR values estimated from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) would be worthwhile if easy to obtain,(More)
In biomedical sciences, ex vivo angiography is a practical mean to elucidate vascular structures three-dimensionally with simultaneous estimation of intravascular volume. The objectives of this study were to develop a magnetic resonance (MR) method for ex vivo angiography and to compare the findings with computed tomography (CT). To demonstrate the(More)