Michael Pauly

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The industry-driven evolution of cloud computing tends to obfuscate the common underlying architectural concepts of cloud offerings and their implications on hosted applications. Patterns are one way to document such architectural principles and to make good solutions to reoccurring (architectural) cloud challenges reusable. To capture cloud computing best(More)
Cloud applications target large costumer groups to leverage economies of scale. To increase the number of customers, a flexible application design is of major importance. It enables customers to adjust the application to their individual needs in a self-service manner. In this paper, we classify the required variability of these flexible applications: data(More)
A new kind of robots whose characteristics, objectives and operational modes drastically differ from more conventional industrial robots is gaining increased interest. This new type of robots aims to achieve a high level of flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency for acting in environments designed for humans. To meet these demands, the mobile robots need(More)
With the increasing maturity of the cloud computing market, specifically in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) domain, adequate pricing of services has become a crucial success factor for providers. In this work, we take a threefold approach to examine the current situation concerning pricing in the IaaS market. Based on an initial literature review, we(More)
– Mobile robots offering services like transportation tasks enter various areas of our daily work-life. In this paper we present a concept for monitoring indoor environments using intelligent mobile robots. The basic components in this concept are the autonomously or semi-autonomously acting mobile robots, which should unburden the staff in their everyday(More)