Michael Pattison

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The amorphous concept of social support systems merits construction of a conceptually coherent theoretical model linked to social theory and amenable to empirical investigation. The social network paradigm is presented as such a model. The model is further defined in terms of the intimate psychosocial network, which has been empirically studied with the(More)
Calf muscle pump function was assessed in 41 limbs after venous ulcers had healed. Treatment was then randomized either to ligation of incompetent lower leg communicating veins and ablation of incompetent superficial veins combined with permanent graduated compression elastic stockings, or to graduated compression elastic stockings only. Half volume(More)
Increased levels of tissue fibrinolytic activity have been detected in some malignant tumours and they have been implicated in metastatic spread. We have investigated tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) and urokinase (UK) in 26 breast carcinomas and 13 benign breast biopsies. Tissue extracts were analysed for overall fibrinolytic activity on fibrin plates(More)
Serological testing of turkey flocks in Great Britain was undertaken as a result of the isolation of an avian paramyxovirus of serotype PMV-3 from turkeys in 1981 (Macpherson et al., 1983). Turkeys on two of four farms with egg production problems examined for PMV-3 haemagglutination inhibition (HI) antibodies in 1981 were positive. Turkeys on 34 farms were(More)
A pathogenic strain of infectious bursal disease virus has been purified by density gradient centrifugation, principally on sucrose and tartrate gradients. Examination of gradient peak fractions by electron microscopy has revealed two populations of particles of average size 62 nm and 20 nm, which band together on sucrose and tartrate gradients. Purified(More)
A virus, designated 0121, which was isolated from a parrot, was shown to be a paramyxovirus, which was serologically related to the paramyxoviruses Bangor/flinch/N. Ireland/73 (Bangor) and Yucaipa/chicken/California/60(PMY). However, the 0121 virus differed in several properties from both the PMY and the Bangor viruses. The virus was not pathogenic for(More)
PURPOSE Several genes that are associated with protection from or susceptibility to trachomatous trichiasis (TT) have been identified through genetic association studies. Yet there have been few studies in which gene expression profiles were assessed in TT cases and disease-free controls. The purpose was to identify genes that are differentially expressed(More)
Eighty-five limbs in 73 patients with a healed venous ulcer were assessed by ascending and descending phlebography, foot volume plethysmography and transcutaneous oxygen measurements. Forty-four limbs had post-thrombotic changes on ascending phlebography. In 24 (28 per cent) these extended into the femoral vein, while in 20 (24 per cent) only the calf veins(More)