Michael Patrick Johnson

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The ability to learn is a potentially compelling and important quality for interactive synthetic characters. To that end, we describe a practical approach to real-time learning for synthetic characters. Our implementation is grounded in the techniques of reinforcement learning and informed by insights from animal training. It simplifies the learning task(More)
We introduce the concept of a sympathetic inter$ace forcontrolling an animated synthetic character in a 3D virtualenvironment. A plush doll embedded with wireless sensors is used tomanipulate the virtual character in an iconic and intentionalmanner. The interface extends from the novel physical input devicethrough interpretation of sensor data to the(More)
Most interactive stories, such as hypertext narratives and interactive movies achieve an interactive " feel " by allowing the user to choose among multiple story paths. In this paper we discuss physically interactive environments with narrative structure in which the ability to choose among multiple story lines is replaced with having users, first, interact(More)
Traditional machine vision assumes that the vision system recovers a complete, labeled description of the world [Marr, 1982]. Recently, several researchers have criticized this model and proposed an alternative model which considers visual perception as a distributed collection of task-specific, context-driven visual routines [Aloimonos, 1993, Ullman,(More)
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