Michael Patrick Bacon

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Upper-ocean fluxes of particulate organic carbon (POC) and biogenic silica (bSi) are calculated from four US JGOFS cruises along 1701W using a thorium-234 based approach. Both POC and bSi fluxes exhibit large variability vs. latitude during the seasonal progression of diatom dominated blooms. POC fluxes at 100m of up to 50mmolCm 2 d 1 are found late in the(More)
The equatorial Pacific is the largest oceanic source of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and has been proposed to be a major site of organic carbon export to the deep sea. Study of the chemistry and biology of this area from 170 degrees to 95 degrees W suggests that variability of remote winds in the western Pacific and tropical instability waves are the(More)
Current literature maintains that success or failure in the performance of an action can modify perception of the objects of that action. The tests of that modification, however, may have measured memory rather than perception. To address this issue, the current experiment had observers throw a marble into various sized holes and assess their size through(More)
Tetravalent thorium, pentavalent protactinium, hexavalent uranium, and plutonium (oxidation state uncertain) are present in much higher concentrations in Mono Lake, a saline, alkaline lake in eastern central California, than in seawater. Low ratios of actinium to protactinium and of americium to plutonium indicate that the concentrations of trivalent(More)
[1] Accurately estimating the vertical flux of material reaching the seafloor from the overlying surface waters is essential for the paleoceanographic reconstruction of a wide variety of oceanic processes. Two approaches are currently being used. One consists of estimating mass accumulation rates (MAR) between dated horizons as the product of linear(More)
We investigated the physiological mechanism of grapheme-color synesthesia using metacontrast masking. A metacontrast target is rendered invisible by a mask that is delayed by about 60 ms; the target and mask do not overlap in space or time. Little masking occurs, however, if the target and mask are simultaneous. This effect must be cortical, because it can(More)
Estimates of terrigenous fluxes at three different water depths at two sites in the equatorial Atlantic by normalization against excess (230)Th flux indicate that the flux of terrigenous material to the seafloor was significantly higher during the last glacial period than it is today. Fluxes started to decrease during deglaciation and reached minimal values(More)
s<lb>67 8.1 Sediment-trap Measurement of Particle Fluxes: Effects of Bacteria<lb>and Zooplankton Cindy Lee, Stuart Wakeham and John Hedges The use of sediment traps to measure oceanic particle fluxes has become widespread.<lb>Because particles can be significantly degraded during the two-week and longer periods<lb>over which traps are frequently deployed,(More)
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