Michael Patkin

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Ergonomic analysis of the tasks of endosurgery helps in the design of instruments and tasks, and in decreasing the mismatch between human capacities and technology. It requires the study of the constraints of working through narrow fixed ports and an understanding of how the processes of gripping and dividing tissue are determined by its mechanical(More)
Over a 10 year period, four patients with paraduodenal hernia were encountered. Two had small hernias that were incidental findings at the time of surgery for an unrelated abdominal condition; these were managed by suture closure of the neck of the sac. The other two patients presented with intestinal obstruction and are discussed here with a review of the(More)
BACKGROUND An increasingly important part of general surgical training is the development of skills in advanced laparoscopic surgery. However, this aspect of laparoscopy is not always well taught, and there is scope for improving both training and the assessment of performance. Recently, the improved affordability and accessibility of digital video(More)
Advanced techniques in laparoscopic surgery have led to an increased need for appropriate training in instrument handling and dissection. Recent developments in computer video technology have facilitated critical analysis of surgical technique. Video deconstruction of oesophageal hiatal dissection during six laparoscopic fundoplication procedures was(More)