Michael Pashkin

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Increases in the amount of required information and intensive cooperation have caused a need to create an efficient knowledge sharing and exchange between members of the global information environment. The study of operations constituting these activities has led to the formulation of a new scientific area called knowledge logistics. This paper presents a(More)
Coalition operations are very likely based on a number of different groups of people, non-governmental organizations, institutions providing humanitarian aid and also army troops and official governmental initiatives. As a result, to manage any coalition operation an efficient knowledge sharing between multiple participating parties is required. The paper(More)
An efficient knowledge sharing between multiple participating parties is required to provide for situation awareness and consequently to manage any OOTW operation. Thereby it is necessary that the right knowledge from distributed sources is integrated and transferred to the right person within the right context at the right time to the right purpose. The(More)
OBJECTIVES The technology of grid services is developing fast. This paper presents an approach to the implementation of an intelligent grid service that configures a hospital taking advantage of the knowledge logistics idea. METHODS The presented approach is based on synergistic integration of knowledge acquired from distributed sources in order to obtain(More)
The paper discusses a methodology for integration of heterogeneous knowledge to support an operational decision making during coalition operations in a network-centric environment. The idea is based on managing context of two types: abstract and operational. The former is structured knowledge relevant to a task (problem) or a situation, the latter is an(More)
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