Michael Partridge

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PHASE II REFERENCES Phase II introduces a multi-patient approach. Five virtual patients suffering from different respiratory problems: Asthma, Lung Cancer, COPD, Pneumonia and Pneumothorax have been implemented. The same narrative and Activity Model is applied for all these patients including different modes of representation. The learner is asked to make(More)
—The development of convincing androids is currently constraint by the limitations of artificial intelligence. Instead of developing even more realistic human-like robots we attempt to push the opposite design direction to its extreme. We developed a most minimalistic robot that can still maintain an interesting interaction with users. It consists only of(More)
PURPOSE Nelfinavir, a PI3K pathway inhibitor, is a radiosensitizer that increases tumor blood flow in preclinical models. We conducted an early-phase study to demonstrate the safety of nelfinavir combined with hypofractionated radiotherapy (RT) and to develop biomarkers of tumor perfusion and radiosensitization for this combinatorial approach. (More)
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