Michael Parpard

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Mechanical circulatory support is an invaluable tool in the care of children with severe refractory cardiac and or pulmonary failure. Two forms of mechanical circulatory support are currently available to neonates, infants, and smaller children, namely extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and use of a ventricular assist device, with each technique having(More)
The International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion (www.bestpracticeperfusion.org) is a collaborative partnership of societies of perfusionists, professional medical societies, and interested clinicians, whose aim is to promote the continuous improvement of the delivery of care and outcomes for patients undergoing extracorporeal circulation. Despite(More)
We describe the use of an Abiomed BVS 5000i with an oxygenator spliced into the right side for total cardiopulmonary support after orthotopic heart transplantation. As compared to ECMO, we believe that the mechanical ventricular unloading seen with this type of assist device increases the likelihood of myocardial recovery. This report demonstrates that even(More)
Patients undergoing congenital heart surgery are at risk of morbidity and mortality. The reasons underlying this risk are complex. To identify opportunities to reduce adverse sequelae, the cardiovascular perfusion community was invited to amend existing perfusion-related fields as well as add new ones to the current version of the Society of Thoracic(More)
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