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OBJECTIVE Development of an accurate and affordable test for the non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophies (DMD/BMD) to implement in clinical practice. METHOD Cell-free DNA was extracted from maternal blood and prepared for massively parallel sequencing on an Illumina MiSeq by targeted capture enrichment of single(More)
A hallmark of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis life cycle is the pathogen's ability to switch between replicative and non-replicative states in response to host immunity. Transcriptional profiling by qPCR of ∼ 50 M. tuberculosis genes involved in central and lipid metabolism revealed a re-routing of carbon flow associated with bacterial growth arrest during(More)
We present methods to generate systematically the hardest test cases for multiplication, division, and square root subject to directed rounding, essentially extending previous work on number-theoretic floating-point testing to rounding modes other than to-nearest. The algorithms focus upon the rounding boundaries of the modes truncate, to-minus-infinity,(More)
A mathematical framework for the coupling of atomistic and continuum models by blending them over a subdomain subject to a constraint is developed. Using the framework, four classes of atomistic-to-continuum (AtC) blending methods are established, their consistency is studied, and their relative merits discussed. In addition, the framework helps clarify the(More)
The pharmacological use of the plant alkaloid berberine is based on its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties; recently, anticancer activity has been attributed to this compound. To exploit this interesting feature, we synthesized three berberine derivatives, namely, NAX012, NAX014, and NAX018, and we tested their effects on two human colon(More)
Although technically possible, few clinical laboratories across the world have implemented non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD) for selected single-gene disorders, mostly owing to the elevated costs incurred. Having previously proven that NIPD for X-linked disorders can be feasibly implemented in clinical practice, we have now developed a test for the(More)
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