Michael P. Platt

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As an SHO, I bought the first edition of the Manual in 1982. It was a survival guide which provided safe certainties in the small hours of the night. It was small, light, and compact. There was no competition: the Roberton Manual was the book to have! Nearly 20 years on, where has the 4th edition taken us? Bigger, certainly: a behe-moth of a ''small''(More)
Vestibular schwannomas (VSs), the most common tumors of the cerebellopontine angle, arise from Schwann cells lining the vestibular nerve. Pharmacotherapies against VS are almost non-existent. Although the therapeutic inhibition of inflammatory modulators has been established for other neoplasms, it has not been explored in VS. A bioinformatic network(More)
BACKGROUND postsurgical pain is a major cause of delayed recovery and discharge after surgery. A significant proportion of patients develop chronic postsurgical pain, which affects their quality of life. Cognitive and psychological factors are reported to play a significant role in the severity of reported postsurgical pain. High levels of catastrophizing(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmacotherapy for allergic rhinitis is a mainstay of treatment for patients with mild to severe nasal allergy symptoms. A wide array of medical treatment options is available for both episodic relief and prevention of symptoms. Treatment regimens can be tailored to individual patients based on nasal symptoms, severity, and associated atopic(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether variations in gene expression exist at multiple subsites along the sinonasal tract in patients with chronic sinusitis with polyps and in healthy controls. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, controlled study. SETTING Academic medical center. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Tissue expression levels of 5 genes, previously found to be(More)
OBJECTIVE To perform a comprehensive molecular pathways analysis of genes identified through genome-wide expression profiling and the published literature for chronic sinusitis with polyps. STUDY DESIGN Molecular pathways analysis. SETTING Academic medical center. METHODS A molecular pathways analysis of gene biomarkers discovered through(More)