Michael P O'Donnell

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The development of precise connectivity patterns during the establishment of the nervous system depends on the regulated action of diverse, conserved families of guidance cues and their neuronal receptors. Determining how these signaling pathways function to regulate axon growth and guidance is fundamentally important to understanding wiring specificity in(More)
GIPC is a PDZ-domain-containing protein identified in vertebrate and invertebrate organisms through its interaction with a variety of binding partners including many membrane proteins. Despite the multiple reports identifying GIPC, its endogenous function and the physiological significance of these interactions are much less studied. We have previously(More)
A kinase anchoring proteins (AKAPs) compose a growing list of diverse but functionally related proteins defined by their ability to bind to the regulatory subunit of protein kinase A. AKAPs perform an integral role in the spatiotemporal modulation of a multitude of cellular signaling pathways. This review highlights the extensive role of AKAPs in cardiac(More)
The Dmrt genes encode a large family of transcription factors whose function in sexual development has been well studied. However, their expression pattern is not restricted to the gonad, suggesting that Dmrt genes might regulate other developmental processes. Here, we report the expression and functional analysis of one member of this family: Xenopus Dmrt4(More)
Physical inactivity is responsible for major health and economic costs in the United States. Despite widespread recognition of the scope and importance of the problem of physical inactivity, only modest progress has been made in improving overall physical activity in the U.S. population. This paper applies a combined economic and public health perspective(More)
Among the families of transcription factors expressed at the neural plate border, Sox proteins have been shown to regulate multiple aspects of neural crest development. Sox8, Sox9 and Sox10, exhibit overlapping expression domains in neural crest progenitors, and studies in mouse suggest that Sox8 functions redundantly with Sox9 and Sox10 during neural crest(More)
To develop a functional nervous system, axons must initially navigate through a complex environment, directed by guidance ligands and receptors. These receptors must link to intracellular signaling cascades to direct axon pathfinding decisions. The Abelson tyrosine kinase (Abl) plays a crucial role in multiple Drosophila axon guidance pathways during(More)
CONTEXT The relationship between lifestyle risk factors, morbidity, and mortality is well established, but the relationship between lifestyle risk factors and medical care costs is not as well defined. OBJECTIVES To determine the ability of modifiable biometric and lifestyle risk factors to predict future medical care costs. DESIGN Prospective cohort(More)