Michael P. Manzella

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The microbial reduction of Fe(III) plays an important role in the geochemistry of hydrothermal systems, yet it is poorly understood at the mechanistic level. Here we show that the obligate Fe(III)-reducing archaeon Geoglobus ahangari uses a direct-contact mechanism for the reduction of Fe(III) oxides to magnetite at 85°C. Alleviating the need to directly(More)
"Geoglobus ahangari" strain 234(T) is an obligate Fe(III)-reducing member of the Archaeoglobales, within the archaeal phylum Euryarchaeota, isolated from the Guaymas Basin hydrothermal system. It grows optimally at 88 °C by coupling the reduction of Fe(III) oxides to the oxidation of a wide range of compounds, including long-chain fatty acids, and also(More)
Pyrodictium delaneyi strain Hulk is a newly sequenced strain isolated from chimney samples collected from the Hulk sulfide mound on the main Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge (47.9501 latitude, -129.0970 longitude, depth 2200 m) in the Northeast Pacific Ocean. The draft genome of strain Hulk shared 99.77% similarity with the complete genome of the(More)
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