Michael P. Hedrick

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Today's large, public databases of protein-small molecule interaction data are creating important new opportunities for data mining and integration. At the same time, new graphical user interface-based workflow tools offer facile alternatives to custom scripting for informatics and data analysis. Here, we illustrate how the large protein-ligand database(More)
  • Larry S Barak, Yushi Bai, Sean Peterson, Tama Evron, Nikhil M Urs, Satyamaheshwar Peddibhotla +10 others
  • 2016
Pharmacological treatment for methamphetamine addiction will provide important societal benefits. Neurotensin receptor NTR1 and dopamine receptor distributions coincide in brain areas regulating methamphetamine-associated reward, and neurotensin peptides produce behaviors opposing psychostimulants. Therefore, undesirable methamphetamine-associated(More)
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