Michael P. Geyer

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We developed a subjective shoulder rating system (SSRS) and tested its reliability against a recognized system (Constant-Murley Score) and a four-point verbal rating scale in 200 patients (mean age 43 years, range 18–71 years; 83 women and 117 men; 48 anterior shoulder reconstructions, 123 subacromial decompressions, 29 manipulations under anesthesia).(More)
The high-performance EuroTrough parabolic trough collector models ET100 and ET150 have been developed for the utility scale generation of solar steam for process heat applications and solar power generation. With corresponding receiver tubes they can be used in combination with various heat transfer fluids in large solar fields. With an optical(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the time-zero mechanical and footprint properties of a suture-bridge technique for rotator cuff repair in an animal model. Thirty fresh-frozen sheep shoulders were randomly assigned among three investigation groups: (1) cyclic loading, (2) load-to-failure testing, and (3) tendon–bone interface contact pressure(More)
A parabolic trough collector has been developed for various applications in the 200-400°C temperature range in solar fields up to the hundreds Megawatts range. The design of a new support structure of the collector included concept studies, wind tunnel measurements, finite elements method (FEM) analyses and resulted in a structure with a central framework(More)
The use of modern simulation tools when planing renewable independent power projects minimizes the risks of these projects. Simulation tools can also help to find the best project site for a special technology or the best technology for a special site. However, a user-friendly powerful simulation tool that provides detailed technical as well as economical(More)