Michael P. Frank

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In utero or early-life vitamin D deficiency is associated with skeletal problems, type 1 diabetes, and schizophrenia, but the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in U.S. pregnant women is unexplored. We sought to assess vitamin D status of pregnant women and their neonates residing in Pittsburgh by race and season. Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) was(More)
Reversible computing is motivated by the von Neumann-Landauer (VNL) principle, a theorem of modern physics telling us that ordinary irreversible logic operations (which destructively overwrite previous outputs) incur a fundamental minimum energy cost. Such operations typically dissipate roughly the logic signal energy, itself irreducible due to thermal(More)
Today’s computers are based on irreversible logic devices, which have been known to be fundamentally energy-inefficient for several decades. Recently, alternative reversible logic technologies have improved rapidly, and are now becoming practical. In traditional models of computation, pure reversibility seems to decrease overall computational efficiency; I(More)
Rapid advancements in processor and networking technologies have led to the evolution of cluster and grid computing frameworks. These high-performance computing environments exploit geographically distributed, diverse resources with the goal of providing efficient computing solutions to all kinds of parallel and distributed applications. OCEAN (Open(More)
Many of the fundamental limits on information processing, from thermodynamics, relativity, and quantum mechanics, are only a few decades away. Novel physically motivated computing paradigms, such as reversible computing and quantum computing, may help in certain ways, but even they remain subject to some basic limits. One can arrive at several firm(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated changes in serum uric acid across pregnancy in women with gestational hyperuricemia at delivery, with and without preeclampsia, compared with normal pregnant and women with preeclampsia without gestational hyperuricemia. STUDY DESIGN This was a nested case-control study of 116 controls, 27 women with preeclampsia with predelivery(More)
As logic device sizes shrink towards the nanometer scale, a number of important physical limits threaten to soon halt further improvements in computer performance per unit cost. However, the near-term limits are not truly fundamental, and may be avoided by making radical changes to the physical and logical architecture of computers. In particular, certain(More)
The effects of soil depth and moisture on pesticide photolysis were studied. Moist soil at depths of 3, 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1, and 0.5 mm were each dosed at 2.5 microg/g with (14)C-niclosamide and photolyzed under a xenon lamp at constant temperature. Samples were removed after 20, 40, 110, and 153 h of continuous irradiation. The decrease in percent of(More)
Reversibility is the only way to compute with asymptotically zero power, and is a novel approach to low power, low energy computing. Recent implementations of reversible and adi-abatic 15, 7] logic in standard cmos silicon processes have motivated further research into reversible computing. The application of reversible computing techniques to reduce energy(More)