Michael P. Coyle

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The class times are subject to change. Please refer to " Irish Link " for up to date class times. Freshmen only This course provides students with an understanding of historical and current events in world politics. As such, the course has three central objectives: to introduce various theoretical frameworks for analyzing international political and(More)
Closed reductions of displaced coronal fractures of the capitellum were successfully obtained for nine patients. The method involves spontaneous reduction by allowing the elbow to fully extend under anesthesia and then gradually flexing the elbow while distracting the elbow joint. Distraction allows the radial head to capture the capitellar fragment in the(More)
We present a supported membrane platform consisting of a fluid lipid bilayer membrane embedded with a fixed array of gold nanoparticles. The system is realized by preforming a hexagonal array of gold nanoparticles (∼5-7 nm) with controlled spacing (∼50-150 nm) fixed to a silica or glass substrate by block copolymer lithography. Subsequently, a supported(More)
Overview After a decade of contentious debate regarding the federal sentencing disparities between crack cocaine and powder cocaine, a number of significant initiatives to reform current policy have recently emerged. These include legislation introduced in Congress and a series of hearings resulting in recommendations by the United States Sentencing(More)
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