Michael P Campos

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Controlling the size of colloidal nanocrystals is essential to optimizing their performance in optoelectronic devices, catalysis, and imaging applications. Traditional synthetic methods control size by terminating the growth, an approach that limits the reaction yield and causes batch-to-batch variability. Herein we report a library of thioureas whose(More)
We report a tunable library of N,N,N'-trisubstituted selenourea precursors and their reaction with lead oleate at 60-150 °C to form carboxylate-terminated PbSe nanocrystals in quantitative yields. Single exponential conversion kinetics can be tailored over 4 orders of magnitude by adjusting the selenourea structure. The wide range of conversion reactivity(More)
It can be difficult to determine the number of active atoms accessible to the fluid phase in mixed oxide catalysts, as required for obtaining true turnover frequencies (TOF). Here, we utilize the selective titration of surface Ti atoms with phenylphosphonic acid (PPA) on TiO2–SiO2 materials to estimate the number of reactant-accessible sites. TiO2–SiO2(More)
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