Michael P. Barry

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PURPOSE We studied the capabilities of the Argus II retinal prosthesis for guiding fine hand movement, and demonstrated and quantified guidance improvement when using the device over when not using the device for progressively less predictable trajectories. METHODS A total of 21 patients with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), remaining vision no more than bare(More)
Measurements of the fluid flow through a scaled-up model of the human glottis are presented to determine whether glottal flow may be approximated as unsteady. Time- and space-resolved velocity vector fields from digital particle image velocimetry (DPIV) measurements of the flow through the gap between two moving, rigid walls are presented in four cases,(More)
PURPOSE We characterized electrically elicited visual evoked potentials (eVEPs) in Argus II retinal implant wearers. METHODS eVEPs were recorded in four subjects, and analyzed by determining amplitude and latency of the first two positive peaks (P1 and P2). Subjects provided subjective feedback by rating the brightness and size of the phosphenes. We(More)
The focus of this research is in the definition of programmable expert Personal Health Systems (PHS) to monitor patients affected by chronic diseases using agent oriented programming and mobile computing to represent the interactions happening amongst the components of the system. The paper also discusses issues of knowledge representation within the(More)
Individuals with visual impairment (VI) have irreparable damage to one of the input streams contributing to postural stability. Here, we evaluated the intra-session test-retest reliability of the Wii Balance Board (WBB) for measuring Center of Pressure (COP) magnitude and structure, i.e. approximate entropy (ApEn) in fourteen legally blind participants and(More)
INTRODUCTION Most visual neuroprostheses use an external camera for image acquisition. This adds two complications to phosphene perception: (1) stimulation locus will not change with eye movements; and (2) external cameras can be aimed in directions different from the user's intended direction of gaze. Little is known about the stability of where users(More)
PURPOSE We have recorded the electrically evoked electroretinogram (eERG) and flash ERG in Argus II retinal prosthesis wearers with end-stage retinitis pigmentosa to estimate response properties of the degenerated inner retina to local electrical stimulation. In addition, we have recorded pupil diameters during electrical stimulation. METHODS Raw corneal(More)
PURPOSE Goldmann visual fields (GVFs) are useful for tracking changes in areas of functional retina, including the periphery, in inherited retinal degeneration patients. Quantitative GVF analysis requires digitization of the chart coordinates for the main axes and isopter points marked by the GVF operator during testing. This study investigated inter- and(More)
Russia has ratified the UN Convention Against Corruption but has not successfully enforced it. This paper uses updated GTAP data to reconstruct a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model to quantify the macroeconomic effects of corruption in Russia. Corruption is found to cost the Russian economy billions of dollars a year. A conclusion of the paper is(More)
This paper addresses the dynamic relevance of time variations of phonatory airflow, commonly neglected under the quasisteady phonatory flow assumption. In contrast to previous efforts, which relied on direct measurement of glottal impedance, this work uses spatially and temporally resolved measurements of the velocity field to estimate the unsteady and(More)
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