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—Using in situ hyperspectral measurements collected in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, we discriminate six species of conifer trees using a recent, nonparametric statistics technique known as penalized discriminant analysis (PDA). A classification accuracy of 76% is obtained. Our emphasis is on providing an intuitive, geometric description of PDA(More)
Keeping track of multiple objects over time is a problem that arises in many real-world domains. The problem is often complicated by noisy sensors and unpredictable dynamics. Previous work by Huang and Russell, drawing on the data association literature, provided a probabilistic analysis and a threshold-based approximation algorithm for the case of multiple(More)
Genes up-regulated in tumor cells provide attractive anticancer therapeutic targets. Although the general underlying mechanism for the increased expression in tumors is unknown, tumor-specific up-regulation of some genes can be attributed to aberrant DNA amplification, a phenomenon common to many tumors. Using a computational method, we constructed a(More)
As advanced traveler information systems become increasingly prevalent the importance of accurately estimating link travel times grows. Unfortunately, the predominant source of highway traac information comes from single-trap loop detectors which d o n o t directly measure vehicle speed. The conventional method of estimating speed, and hence travel time,(More)
IMPORTANCE In schizophrenia, the severity of negative symptoms is a key predictor of long-term disability. Deficient signaling through the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor is hypothesized to underlie many signs and symptoms associated with schizophrenia in particular negative symptoms. Glycine acts as an N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor coagonist. Blockade of the(More)
We present a novel, oo-line approach for evaluating incident detection algorithms. Previous evaluations have focused on determining the detection rate versus false alarm rate curve | a process which we argue is inherently fraught with diiculties. Instead, we propose a cost{beneet analysis where cost mimics the real costs of implementing the algorithm and(More)
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