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We propose new families of graphs which exhibit quantum perfect state transfer. Our constructions are based on the join operator on graphs, its circulant generalizations, and the Cartesian product of graphs. We build upon the results of Baši´c et al. [5, 4] and construct new integral circulants and regular graphs with perfect state transfer. More(More)
Initially identified to be activated upon virus infection, the double-stranded RNA-dependent protein kinase (PKR) is best known for triggering cell defense responses by phosphorylating eIF-2α, thus suppressing RNA translation. We as well as others showed that the phosphorylation of PKR is down-regulated by insulin. In the present study, we further uncovered(More)
We prove new results on perfect state transfer of quantum walks on quotient graphs. Since a graph G has perfect state transfer if and only if its quotient G/π, under any equitable partition π, has perfect state transfer, we exhibit graphs with perfect state transfer between two vertices but which lack automorphism swapping them. This answers a question of(More)
Braman [1] described a construction where third-order tensors are exactly the set of linear transformations acting on the set of matrices with vectors as scalars. This extends the familiar notion that matrices form the set of all linear transformations over vectors with real-valued scalars. This result is based upon a circulant-based tensor multiplication(More)
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