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What is African Communitarianism? Against Consensus as a regulative ideal
abstract In this essay, an attempt is made to re-present African Communitarianism as a discursive formation between the individual and community. It is a view which eschews the dominant position ofExpand
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Intellectual History in Contemporary South Africa
Introduction * South Africa: The Past is another country * South African (black) Nationalist ideologies and Resistance Movements * The 'prophets' and the 'Apocalypse' * When the chickens come toExpand
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I am Because You Are: Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Xenophobia1
Abstract This paper argues that the dominant discourse on cosmopolitanism has largely focused on its constitutive character (what the law tells us) while ignoring its substantive essence (humanExpand
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Humanitatis-Eco (Eco-Humanism): An African Environmental Theory
Environmental ethics is generally concerned with the moral relationship between human beings and the natural environment. This chapter delineates a uniquely African philosophical worldview where itExpand
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The politics of being a human being in Soweto: Identity as a social capital ‘Everything not forbidden is compulsory’ (T.H. White)
In this paper, the concept of social capital is redefined in the context of identity politics within contemporary South Africa. A case is made against the fetishism of identity dogmas that thriveExpand
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The politics of history in contemporary Africa
The 'Invention' of Africa: Contested Terrains Post-colonial Displacements Africanism: a history of Histories Beyond a History by Analogy Cult of Personalities and Politics of Domination Towards anExpand
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Africanism: A History of Histories
Contemporary African intellectuals are a product of the encounter with the West where they were educated—a situation that has generated an ambivalent complexity, producing what Appiah (1992: 86)Expand
Ubuntu : a communitarian response to liberal individualism
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The “Invention” of Africa: Contested Terrains
Contemporary Africa is an offshoot of distilled historical forces of Western racialism and Negro1 activism (pan-“isms”). Like its contingent antecedents—pan-Africanism and Negritude—the copiousExpand
South Africa: The Past is Another Country
The emphasis on the title of this chapter, “South Africa: The Past Is Another Country,” is meant to indicate the complexity and inadequacy of any pretentious move to capture a “holistic” SouthExpand