Michael Onken

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Background. Imaging biomarkers hold tremendous promise for precision medicine clinical applications. Development of such biomarkers relies heavily on image post-processing tools for automated image quantitation. Their deployment in the context of clinical research necessitates interoperability with the clinical systems. Comparison with the established(More)
Many real-world applications in the area of medical imaging like case study databases require separation of identifying (IDATA) and non-identifying (MDATA) data, specifically those offering Internet-based data access. These kinds of projects also must provide a role-based access system, controlling, how patient data must be organized and how it can be(More)
A surgical intervention raises additional requirements to a medical device network, be it security concerns or the demand for just-in-time integration of an additional devices. The German national flagship project OR.NET aims to satisfy these requirements by defining, implementing and validating an integration solution for safe and dynamic networking. This(More)
Ein Großteil der anfallenden Datenmengen wird in Datenbanksystemen gespeichert. Neben den operativen Systemen, mit denen das Tagesgeschäft abgewickelt wird, haben sich Technologi-en etabliert, die gezielt die Analyse der Daten unterstützen [HK01]. Oft dienen hierbei Data-Warehouses [BE01] als Speicherkomponente, auf deren Datenbestand Techniken des(More)
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