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The paper presents a framework for Virtual Laboratory (VLab). Authors focus their attention on the application structure, which can make it possible to remotely use very expensive devices. It is important that this structure is universal and can be used with every device and every simulation. Therefore the framework is a critical issue in that concept. To(More)
In the paper some theoretical study on virtual laboratory aspects are discussed. Possibilities of the VL system creation to control many laboratory apparatus in a remote way are considered by the authors. The main research goals on which the authors want to focus their attention are: laboratory framework and dynamic measurement scenarios.
ICTS have transformed all services in all sectors of the global economy. Library services have not been exception. In deed ICTS have revolutionized the manner information is processed, stored, retrieved and transferred to the would be users. This paper examines ICT as a necessity for libraries and Librarians in Nigerian Universities in the 21 st century.(More)
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