Michael Ogg

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This paper describes the design and implementation of a fault-tolerant CORBA naming service-CosNamingFT. Every CORBA object is accessed through its Interoperable Object Reference (IOR), which is registered with the CORBA name service. The name service therefore is a critical gateway to all objects in a distributed system; to avoid having a single point of(More)
The CLEO project [2], centered at Cornell University, is alarge-scale high energy physics project. The goals of the projectarise from an esoteric question---why is there apparently so littleantimatter in the universe?---and the computational problems thatarise in trying to answer this question are quite challenging. To answer this question, the CESR storage(More)
The goal of the Nile project is to develop an inexpensive, scalable, fault-tolerant, widely distributed job processing environment. On the systems side, Nile must manage and provide transparent access to hundreds of commodity processors spread across the United States, and a distributed database that will exceed 100 terabytes. These are scales not commonly(More)
In this tutorial, I will focus on the roles, types, and issues of middleware. I will give a short overview of the software problems that middleware addresses and (mostly) solves. I will do a survey of the different kinds of middleware and their applicability to diverse problem domains. I will spend somewhat longer discussing, with examples, CORBA, RMI, and(More)
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