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A common approach to solve problems in numerical linear algebra eeciently on modern high speed computers is to redesign the classical algorithm, which was originally developed for serial computers. In this paper, we discuss block variants of QR and Jacobi algorithms for the computation of the complete spectral decomposition of symmetric matrices. We report(More)
Today many high performance computers are reachable over some network. However, the access and use of these computers is often complicated. This prevents many users to work on such machines. The Goal of the Remote Computation System (CS) is to provide easy access to modern parallel algorithms on supercomputers for the inexperienced user. RCS has an(More)
1995 v Acknowledgements It is my strong desire to thank all the people who have supported the present work. Above all, I am indebted to Prof. W. Gander, my supervisor, for giving me the freedom to explore new ideas and for providing a good productive environment. His algorithmic spirit and his appreciation for numerical details has become for me an ideal to(More)
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