Michael Oehl

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Controlling tools in technical environments bears a lot of challenges for the human information processing system, as locations of tool manipulation and effect appearance are spatially separated, and distal action effects are often not generated in a 1:1 manner. In this study we investigated the susceptibility of older adults to distal action effects.(More)
The limited screen space in small technical devices imposes considerable usability challenges. On the one hand objects displayed on small screens should be big enough to be hit successfully, but also small enough to house several objects on the screen at the same time. However, findings up to now show that single pointing is more effective in a large(More)
Net-based collaborative learning discourses often suffer from deficiencies such as lack of coherence and coordination. It is suggested that the provision of two functionalities, referenc-ing and typing, which learners may optionally use to ground their contributions during a chat-based discourse, can improve collaborative learning. In particular, we(More)
Although eye movements have proved to be a valuable source of information for the study of cognitive processes, they are hardly regarded within CSCL. A crucial reason for this is the lack of suitable observational schemes. To bridge this gap, a coding scheme for global text processing in CSCL on the base of established well-defined eye movement measures is(More)
INTRODUCTION Maladaptive driving is an important source of self-inflicted accidents and this driving style could include high speeds, speeding violations, and poor lateral control of the vehicle. The literature suggests that certain groups of drivers, such as novice drivers, males, highly motivated drivers, and those who frequently experience anger in(More)
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) often challenges the human motor system, especially when small input devices have to be used. An inclusive design of input devices for a broad user group has to be provided that assures an efficient and effective interaction with the device. Therefore, this paper focuses on aging effects and the usability of small input(More)