Michael Oberhuber

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Senescent higher plants degrade their chlorophylls (Chls) to polar colorless tetrapyrrolic Chl catabolites, which accumulate in the vacuoles. In extracts from degreened leaves of the tree Cercidiphyllum japonicum an unpolar catabolite of this type was discovered. This tetrapyrrole was named Cj-NCC-2 and was found to be identical with the product of a(More)
Debugging still is one of the most time consuming phases in programming high performance parallel computers. Parallel debuggers can greatly support users in this process and thus reduce time needed for program development. However, most debuggers either don't provide easy-to-use interfaces and therefore are rejected by lots of potential users, or are usable(More)
Writing parallel programs eeciently is still a problematic issue due to the lack of a uniform and integrated tool support. A new project at LRR-TUM works towards changing this situation for the most popular programming environment on workstation clusters: for PVM. The Tool-set for PVM will comprise a set of integrated tools, consisting of a debugger, a(More)
Riboswitches are regulatory elements in the 5'-untranslated region (5'-UTR) of bacterial mRNAs that bind certain metabolites with high specificity and affinity. The 202 nucleotide (nt)-long btuB riboswitch RNA of E. coli interacts specifically with coenzyme B12 and its derivatives thereby leading to changes in the RNA structure and hence to an altered(More)
In the eld of high performance computing, massively parallel processing systems (MPPs) get more and more important. A rising number of complex applications is parallelized for execution on these machines. Still a signiicant portion of the time needed for parallelization is spent for the process of debugging and performance tuning. A main reason for this(More)
The on-line monitoring interface speciication OMIS provides means for developing more powerful interoperable and portable tool environments for parallel and distributed systems. It speciies the interaction between any tool and a monitoring system that is responsible for observing and manipulating the programs' execution. By having this well deened interface(More)
Nondeterminacy implies two unpleasant properties for testing and debugging parallel programs: successive executions of the same program with the same input values often do not show identical behaviour and watching the program influences the execution. It is therefore not always possible to test and debug parallel programs like sequential ones. This article(More)
Twenty years ago, the molecular basis for the seasonal disappearance of chlorophyll was still enigmatic. In the meantime, our knowledge on chlorophyll breakdown has grown considerably. As outlined here, it has been possible to decipher the basic transformations involved in natural chlorophyll breakdown by identification of chlorophyll catabolites in higher(More)