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Morphologic abnormalities of spermatozoa and respiratory cilia at the electron microscopic level have been described in the immotile-cilia syndrome and chronic respiratory diseases. Most often there has been a total absence of the dynein arms. The current report describes absence of only the inner dynein arm in respiratory cilia from a patient with(More)
The present investigation was designed to determine the effect of lesions localized to the nucleus basalis/substantia innominata (NB) on resting and cholinergically activated regional cerebral cortical blood flow (rCBF). Ibotenic acid (10 micrograms) was infused locally at 1 mm caudal to bregma, 3 mm lateral to the midline, and 8 mm below the cortical(More)
BACKGROUND CeaseFire, using an infectious disease approach, addresses violence by partnering hospital resources with the community by providing violence interruption and community-based services for an area roughly composed of a single city zip code (70113). Community-based violence interrupters start in the trauma center from the moment penetrating trauma(More)
Spinal cord glucose utilization (SCGU) of gray and white matter was studied with the quantitative autoradiography [14C]2-deoxyglucose methodology, below and above a complete low thoracic transection. One day after transection, a generalized decrease in SCGU was observed in gray matter, particularly marked in the dorsal horn of the lumbar cord. A progressive(More)
Interpretation of endpoints (e.g. overall response rate) in clinical trials depends on the accurate and reliable measurement and identification of tumors. Regulatory agencies recommend blinded reviews of imaging data by independent review committees (IRCs). Differences in response outcomes that arise between IRCs and site investigators raise(More)
Emissivity spectra recovered from spectral radiance images may have lowered spectral contrast due to irradiance from nearby surface elements (“cavity effect”). For analyses based only on photointerpretation or Reststrahlen band identification, it is not always necessary to account for cavity effects, but for full spectral analyses, including(More)
PURPOSE Lyso-thermosensitive liposomal doxorubicin (LTLD) consists of doxorubicin contained within a heat-sensitive liposome. When heated to >=40ºC, LTLD locally releases a high concentration of doxorubicin. We aimed to determine whether adding LTLD improves the efficacy of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) lesions with a(More)
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