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Basic deprivation and involvement in risky sexual behaviour among out-of-school young people in a Lagos slum
Research has shown that in countries such as Nigeria many urban dwellers live in a state of squalour and lack the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter. The present study set out to examineExpand
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Prevalence and Correlates of Sexual abuse among Female Out-of- School Adolescents in Iwaya Community, Lagos State, Nigeria.
This study set out to document the prevalence and predictors of sexual intercourse with persons below the age of consent (statutory rape) and outright sex without consent (rape) among out-of-schoolExpand
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A survival analysis of the timing of onset of childbearing among young females in Nigeria: are predictors the same across regions?
BackgroundEarly childbearing comes at high health costs to girls, the children they bear, their future life chances and the larger society. Nationally representative data suggest variation in onsetExpand
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Variable Implementation of Sexuality Education in Three Nigerian States.
In 2003, Nigeria adopted the Family Life and HIV Education (FLHE) sexuality education curriculum. Our analysis interrogates variation in sub-national implementation. We conducted 52 interviews withExpand
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Experience of Domestic Violence and Acceptance of Intimate Partner Violence Among Out-of-School Adolescent Girls in Iwaya Community, Lagos State
Gender-based domestic violence (DV) comes at great costs to the victims and society at large. Yet, many women hold the view that intimate partner violence (IPV) against women is appropriate behavior.Expand
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Domestic violence by women against their intimate partners in Nigeria
Victims of domestic violence (DV) are more often than not, women and children. However, studies have shown that men are also victims of DV. The main objective of this article is to assess theExpand
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Adolescence, young adulthood and internet use in Nigeria: a review of what is known and unknown
Abstract: The aim of this article is to show the state of knowledge on the use of the internet among adolescents and young adults in Nigeria. The article begins with a brief review of the origin andExpand
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Parent-Child Communication on Sexuality-Related Matters in the City of Lagos, Nigeria
Several studies have documented how the sexual activities of young people and the social context in which these activities take place heighten youth susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections,Expand
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International norms and the politics of sexuality education in Nigeria
BackgroundProponents have promoted sexuality education as a means of empowering adolescents, yet it has been thwarted in many low and middle-income countries. Nigeria represents an exception. DespiteExpand
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Intimate Partner Violence: A Potential Challenge for Women’s Health in Angola
Intimate partner violence (IPV), as the most common form of violence against women, is recognised as a fundamental violation of women’s human rights and a significant public health concern worldwide.Expand
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