Michael O Jennings

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AIM The aim of this investigation was to study the root canal anatomy of maxillary first and second molar teeth from an Irish population sample using a clearing technique. METHODOLOGY Eighty-three extracted permanent maxillary right first molars and 40 permanent right maxillary second molars were included in this investigation. The specimens were(More)
Agricultural and household organophosphorus (OP) pesticides inhibit acetylcholinesterase (AchE), resulting in increased acetylcholine (Ach) in the central nervous system. In adults, acute and prolonged exposure to high doses of AchE inhibitors causes severe, clinically apparent symptoms, followed by lasting memory impairments and cognitive dysfunction. The(More)
AIM To compare a clearing technique with conventional radiography in studying certain features of the root-canal system of maxillary right first and second molars. A secondary aim was to assess interexaminer agreement for these features using radiographs. METHODOLOGY Eighty-three recently extracted permanent maxillary right first molars and 40 recently(More)
Increasing percentages of children are being born to older fathers. This has resulted in concerns about the potential adverse effects of advanced paternal age. To help clinicians counsel couples, a systemic review was performed to attempt to address questions that these couples may ask: Should routine sperm testing be performed in older males? Should(More)
BACKGROUND Angiosarcoma is a malignancy of vascular endothelial cells which may arise secondarily as a complication of lymphedema, including chronic lymphedema of morbid obesity. Amplifications in MYC are frequently present in secondary angiosarcoma (arising in irradiated sites and chronic lymphedema) and less frequently in primary cutaneous angiosarcoma.(More)
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