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We tested the hypothesis that dominant and nondominant overarm throws of different speeds are made by time-scaling of joint rotations, i.e., by joint rotations that have the same positions and amplitudes but that are scaled in time. Eight skilled subjects stood and made overarm throws with both their dominant and nondominant arms. Six joint rotations were(More)
This paper describes the development of MEMS force sensors constructed using paper as the structural material. The working principle on which these paper-based sensors are based is the piezoresistive effect generated by conductive materials patterned on a paper substrate. The device is inexpensive (∼$0.04 per device for materials), simple to fabricate,(More)
Pixar's <i>The Good Dinosaur</i> is a journey through nature, with the environment and all its perils playing a major role alongside Arlo and Spot. The river they travel along is both an obstacle and a guide, and serves as a key storytelling tool -- the film's yellow brick road. Because the rivers were so prominent, a linear department workflow was(More)
C are not little adults. A belief in the unique needs of children creates a different hospital environment for ill children—one that is more supportive and less disruptive. Walk around a children's hospital, and you will find that nearly every floor has a playroom with games, computers, and a library. You will find volunteers making balloon animals or(More)
Offshore windfarms provide renewable energy, but activities during the construction phase can affect marine mammals. To understand how the construction of an offshore windfarm in the Maryland Wind Energy Area (WEA) off Maryland, USA, might impact harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena), it is essential to determine their poorly understood year-round(More)
For animated film "Brave," Pixar Animation Studios adopted a procedural workflow for special effects. This new paradigm changed how Pixar approached effects. It allowed them to iterate, experiment, and layer physics alongside artist-directed elements. The effects artists used proceduralism to create a Scottish river for the main characters to enjoy some(More)