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Vehicular Network simulation propagation loss model parameter standardization in ns-3 and beyond
Vehicular Networks (VANETs) continue to mature and their installation is becoming a reality. Meanwhile, simulation has become an indispensable tool for validating design and providing insight intoExpand
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Cooperative Certificate Revocation List Distribution Methods in VANETs
This paper discusses two new methods for distributing certificate revocation lists (CRL) in a vehicular ad hoc network environment using cooperative methods. The main purpose for using cooperativeExpand
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Unified pseudonym distribution in VANETs
VANETs continue to mature and their installation is becoming a reality. Many ideas have been exchanged on how best to balance privacy and security. The use of pseudonyms has been almost universallyExpand
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Key terrain in cyberspace: Seeking the high ground
In military doctrine, key terrain refers to areas which, if seized, afford an advantage to an attacker or defender. When applied to geographic terrain, this definition is clear. Key terrain mightExpand
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Framework to Support Per Second Shifts of Pseudonyms in Regional VANETs
Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) provide the means to add convenience, services, and safety to the road. This paper introduces a means to adapt the concepts of Public Key Infrastructure for a VANETExpand
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Vehicular network pseudonym distribution in congested urban environments
As vehicular networks (a.k.a. VANETs) continue to mature, the benefits they promise come closer to reality. For this to happen, both security and privacy must be provided. Particularly in dense urbanExpand
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Simulation analysis of the United States Military Academy Reception Day
Each June approximately 1200 new cadets (NCs) are welcomed to the United States Military Academy (USMA) during Reception Day (R-Day). Amid the mass shuffling of bodies and the yelling of theExpand
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The Unforeseen in Unmanned Vehicles
The development of unmanned vehicle technology is rapidly proceeding and will result in numerous advances in autonomous vehicles. Most of the research effort to date focuses on the safe and effectiveExpand
Optimizing summer externships
Summer immersive experiences provide students the opportunity to explore the limits of their engineering education and develop a depth in a field of study. For institutions that centrally manageExpand