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We consider the communication complexity of the binary inner product function in a variation of the two-party scenario where the parties have an a priori supply of particles in an entangled quantum state. We prove linear lower bounds for both exact protocols, as well as for protocols that determine the answer with bounded-error probability. Our proofs(More)
ATAF1, an Arabidopsis thaliana NAC transcription factor, plays important roles in plant adaptation to environmental stress and development. To search for ATAF1 target genes, we used protein binding microarrays and chromatin-immunoprecipitation (ChIP). This identified T[A,C,G]CGT[A,G] and TT[A,C,G]CGT as ATAF1 consensus binding sequences. Co-expression(More)
Many disciplines of multimedia and communication go towards ubiquitous computing and hands free-or no-touch interaction with computers. Application domains in this direction involve virtual reality, augmented reality, wearable computing, and smart spaces. Gesturing is one means of interaction and this paper presents some important issues in gesture(More)
The release of the genome sequences of two strains of Aspergillus niger has allowed systems-level investigations of this important microbial cell factory. To this end, tools for doing data integration of multi-ome data are necessary, and especially interesting in the context of metabolism. On the basis of an A. niger bibliome survey, we present the largest(More)
This paper introduces a new concept within shadow seg-mentation for usage in shadow removal and augmentation through construction of an alpha overlay shadow model. Previously, an image was considered to consist of shadow and non-shadow regions. We construct a model that accounts for sunlit, umbra and penumbra regions. The model is based on theories about(More)