Michael Negnevitsky

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This paper presents a novel control strategy for the operation of a direct-drive permanent-magnet synchronous-generator-based stand-alone variable-speed wind turbine. The control strategy for the generator-side converter with maximum power extraction is presented. The stand-alone control is featured with output voltage and frequency controller that is(More)
This paper reviews main forecasting techniques used for power system applications. Available forecasting techniques have been discussed with focus on electricity load and price forecasting as well as wind power prediction. Forecasting problems have been classified based on time frame, application specific area and forecasting techniques. Appropriate(More)
A novel control strategy for the operation of a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) based stand alone variable speed wind turbine is presented in this paper,. The direct drive PMSG is connected to the load through a switch mode rectifier and a vector controlled pulse width modulated (PWM) IGBT-inverter. The generator side switch mode rectifier is(More)
This paper presents a sensitivity analysis of similar days (SD) parameters to increase the accuracy of artificial neural network (ANN) and SD-based short-term price forecasting. Work presented in this paper is an extended version of previous works done by the authors to integrate ANN and SD method for predicting electricity price. The focus here is on(More)
In emergency and abnormal conditions, a power system operator has to deal with a large amount of data and apply most appropriate remedial actions. However, due to emotional and psychological stress, an operator may not be able to adequately respond to critical conditions and make correct decisions. Mistakes can damage very expensive power system equipment(More)
Integration of small-scale electricity generators, known as distributed generation (DG), into the distribution networks has become increasingly popular at the present. This tendency together with the falling price of the synchronous-type generator has potential to give DG a better chance at participating in the voltage regulation process together with other(More)
Within the area of criminal and terrorist social network analysis, there is little research being done on analysing the communication behavior of criminal and terrorist groups. In this paper, we describe the development of a conceptual simulation model of the e-mail system, which is based on the use of personality trait dimensions to model the e-mail(More)