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Application-layer multicast supports group applications without the need for a network-layer multi-cast protocol. Here, applications arrange themselves in a logical overlay network and transfer data within the overlay. In this paper, we present an application-layer multicast solution that uses a Delaunay trian-gulation as an overlay network topology. An(More)
— Recently, application-layer multicast has emerged as an attempt to support group applications without the need for a network-layer multicast protocol, such as IP multicast. In application-layer multicast, applications arrange themselves as a logical overlay network and transfer data within the overlay network. In this paper, Delaunay triangulations are(More)
For Coq Workshop 2013, I propose a discussion on the design of a proof library. By storing proof-terms in a distributed fashion, Coq could provide long-term large-scale storage while also enabling small-scale collaboration. This document lays out a rough rationale and design, with a list of open issues for discussion. I want to build a library of every math(More)
Resource allocation is a major function of an operating system, and it is also the primary function of an economy. This research examines if economic-based methods for resource allocation are applicable to three items in the OS; the CPU, the disk, and the memory. The computer is a very specialized environment, but money systems have been flexible enough to(More)
1.0 Abstract XYZZY is a visual programming environment designed to increase programming efficiency by preventing errors, detecting errors which could not be prevented quickly, and finding information quickly. The language is simple, allowing only integer and boolean types. Functions follow a copy-in-copy-out paradigm which allows multiple values to be(More)
A Stream Memory Controller, when added to a conventional memory hierarchy, routes vector-like accesses around the data cache. A memory system was simulated under these conditions and the data cache performance increased dramatically. The gain in performance was a result of the increased temporal locality of the access pattern. The access pattern also showed(More)
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