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Vascular injury has been reported in up to one third of patients with posterior knee dislocations, which has led to the routine use of arteriograms in the management of these injuries. Recent studies have shown physical examination (PE) is reliable in detecting significant vascular injuries requiring surgery from other mechanisms. We hypothesized that PE(More)
Ninety-five percent of bone tumors are now managed with limb-sparing techniques. For pediatric patients with bone cancer, such limb reconstruction techniques often involve the placement of large endoprosthetic devices with the goal of improving survivors' quality of life. Nevertheless, few radiologic publications discuss the use of these techniques in(More)
BACKGROUND Despite improvements in therapy for osteosarcoma, approximately 4-10% of patients experience a local recurrence and have a poor prognosis. METHODS The authors analyzed prognostic factors for survival in 26 patients with a local recurrence of osteosarcoma who were treated between 1970 and 2000. RESULTS The initial surgical procedure was(More)
Bone grafting is frequently used to assist in reconstruction of bone defects following limb salvage procedures in tumor surgery. These defects can be large and require the use of bulk allograft and/or significant amounts of particulate graft material. This article reports a clinic's preliminary results with a bone graft containment material that serves as(More)
In a single centre over two years, four children (7 to 10 years old) with upper limb osteosarcoma underwent chemotherapy followed by forequarter amputation. All patients had preoperative pain and were treated with gabapentin. Nerve sheath catheters were placed in the brachial plexus intraoperatively and left in situ for five to 14 days. After surgery, all(More)
Limb-salvage surgery for malignant tumors frequently involves reconstruction with an endoprosthesis anchored to bone by using third-generation cementing techniques. A 10-year-old boy with osteosarcoma had a pulmonary embolus caused by polymethylmethacrylate after having limb-salvage surgery that used high-pressure cementing techniques. He experienced(More)
We examine whether CEO equity incentives are related to firm risk. Our study differs from prior research in that we distinguish between upside and downside firm risk. Our study is prompted by the simple observation that variance is a symmetric and unconditional risk measure that may not capture how CEOs judge risk. For a sample of about 2,600 firms from(More)
We report three cases of children with osteosarcoma and pathologic fractures treated with long-term continuous nerve blocks for preoperative pain control. One patient with a left distal femoral diaphysis fracture had a femoral continuous nerve block catheter for 41 days without complications. Another with a fractured left proximal femoral shaft had three(More)
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