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Scottish economic and social relations changed dramatically in the century following the 1707 Union of Parliaments. Scotland progressed from an overwhelmingly agricultural, "puir" debtor status to a fast follower position against industrializing England. Economic historians have failed to explain how such an extraordinary development process(More)
Dofetilide is a class III antiarrhythmic used for treating atrial dysrhythmias. Though its adverse effects are well described in routine use, very little is known about dofetilide toxicity in overdose. This is a retrospective case series of consecutive patients reported to our poison center after dofetilide overdose. Twenty-seven cases were included.(More)
— As cyber-physical systems (CPS) increasingly become a part of daily life, a well-prepared workforce is needed to build and maintain, calling for new approaches and test-beds to introduce CPS concepts into classrooms at all levels. The literature has many examples of CPS relevant platforms, which are used successfully in research; however, especially the(More)